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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

love is an eternal circle // i live, still / confusion reigns

hello fellows !

it's summer, still, even though it feels quite like autumn at times.
(of course, this makes me really happy - i mean, rainy days, fog, chilly temperatures and wearing more clothes than just a shirt and a skirt - but still with sunglasses on - )

there are great things to happen, and my mind is once more so incredibly full of stories, of my future that seems now closer than ever. 
i feel so incredibly full of love, even though quite often, as well lost, in this infinite world that summer always evokes.

these days, i have been trying to connect my own life and having free time, after years of being deprived of it, to my ways of expression, that never seem to leave me. 

so, in order to create some room for simplicity and ease in my life, i've set up an account on instagram, so i can share inspirational things, poetry slams or my singing something, landscapes, spaces, outfits … with you.

if you'd like to check it out : the name's 'alissachai'

also, i've opened a channel on vimeo : 
so if you'd like to see me performing/slamming/singing/whatever - feel free to check it out. 

also, there's a new video up called 'a normative life/ by alissa cha'--
for it being quite abstract, so abstract it's not perceived as art, it seems, i'd like to say some words about it. quite often, an artistic mind has to battle with the normativity and misunderstanding of other people. they seek to define us - being labelled as wannabe, our work as pretentious or futile, not worthy, or whatever. this need for being defined is expressed (kinda generic, i don't know) - as me drawing on my arm and … well, you will get the idea. anyhow, the text and everything is my message to not just follow given paths and live to the borders of normativity. everything i do, and i want to express, is for people to try and be different, find their own ways, go to every length to make the most of their existence on this planet, be spontaneous, be silly, have fun - fulfill their dreams! 

(you can watch the video below)

a normative life / by alissa cha from alissa cha on Vimeo.

this post is held in quite an outspoken / less poetic way than normally, because i feel that i'm at a point in my life where i feel strong enough to put my work and my opinions out there. even though i don't conform to mainstream norms and there will always be people who will want to drag me down with their negativity, i think, that a certain benevolence in one's work can't be wrong.

i really am so thankful for the support and love i get. 
it's quite a process of realising, that short-lived internet fame, that i will possibly never achieve, is nothing compared to the truthful opinion and feedback of few wonderful people. it's hard, but i really hope that i can stop being so dependent on the wish to reach lots of people, than appreciate what i have and what keeps me going.
also, i'd like to give a big shout-out to mickey, for whose feedback, support and loveliness i am truly thankful !!

so, what else is to say?

i hope you're all having a lovely summer, grasping your potential, reaching out for all the happiness and bliss this world offers, and enjoying the sunshine (or rain, for that matter).

sending out positivity and love,

xoxo, alissa cha


  1. There are two blogs I will follow till the day I die and one of them happens to be yours. I absolutely love that you are expanding this little cha universe into the realms of instagram and vimeo. As someone that enjoys the weird and wonderful side of this thing we call art, I can honestly say that I really do appreciate yours. No matter the form, be that lyrically, through poetry, or even photography each piece tells such an amazing story. People are so numb to the fact that a keyboard is not just a keyboard. Just because something is considered abstract or goes against the grain does not mean it is not art, and to write negative comments because you don’t understand stand it or cannot grasp the idea behind it is just shallow. Everything is open to criticism and the fact that you are standing behind your work unshattered by such negativity says a lot about the person you are. At the end of the day people will always talk so why not give them something to talk about, clearly you are doing something right. Please never stop doing what you’re doing and more importantly never stop being your beautifully talented and wonderful self.

    You’re an amazing and beautiful person both inside and out.


  2. Well, I am sure there's a couple of persons I'll never forget for the love and support they have shown and still show me and you are one of them. Your words give me so much motivation, so much happiness, and I am still incredibly thankful that such a friendly, sophisticated and understanding person like you is interested in my work. Your support is incredibly appreciated and the words about the hate I get are helping me so much, trust me. And in the end I don't care if I'm working for hundreds of people or just for you, cause that you are enjoying it gives me so much (:

    Also, I think it's super awesome that you are watching 'In The Flesh' now ^.^

    Thank you so much <3 so are you (amazing and beautiful)




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