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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

chronicles of summer // trieste, italy part II

let me tell you about my second day in trieste --
 enjoying a caffè freddo (a super sugary D: cold espresso) while drawing some water colour things into the 
moleskin book a lovely girl gave me for my birthday.
we were sitting close to the canale grande--
it was a sunny day, hot as most of these were, in summer.
burning hot from the sky we mostly fled the bright exposure to seek shelter in the shadows.
those who describe places and spaces in light and darkness, who seem to engulf us //
who are we, humans of sunny days or rainy afternoons,
the everlasting silence of nights
open windows, yet no ease
at falling asleep 
with darkness on our minds.

marble bodies / fabric / cold stone as flesh
as it was there, it might have been everywhere
days in winter but in summer as well
copenhagen, berlin // still not moving 
pastel coloured freedom / skies of clouds so light
and if we sat on them they might
yeah, they might carry us far, far into the night
which was to come
ever starry
tender hands to touch
fragile bones to come
was it what we had left in the past
or what lay ahead ?

these houses are built with little space inbetween. on sunny days there's always a good place to be. dwelling in the shadows with lemon ice cream, sketching the ice cream vendor, who looked really cute.
the streets leading up to the fortress/castello high above the city are paved with stones, the walls painted with art. LEGALIZZA AMORE kind of talks to me.

my mum can fly

i'm a huge fan of churches
being places of silence and contemplation
regardless of belief
not a member of an oppressive system
enjoying the all-encompassing deity
that is life
busy little bee
does she ever sleep?
is hers this system
of a society that has forgotten
what breathing is, and silence
am i as precious as before
when i sleep
when i breathe
and don't pour my heart
into every action
don't kill myself
with work 

we used to be so many things in this life
and ever so often, i'm contemplating
if this iridescent illusion of mine
will ever be reality
stop hurting my insides
with the fear of loss and suspension
of never reaching my goals
because in the end, what are goals (?)
is life meant to be an endless list
of things we trick ourselves into thinking
that would make us happy
lead the most fulfilled life
i guess, it's the silence
the wind i felt, looking over the city, spread beneath me
it would blow right through me
make me feel like i were a ghost, so light
as if i were to float away any second then
what is this, but pure happiness
to be as nature
one with the universe.

(alissa cha)


  1. What can I say that I haven’t said before but I figured I should mix things up a little and comment on this wonderful page instead of being restricted to 140 characters! I’m absolutely falling in love with this series (are we calling it that?) and your way with words, dare I say, could rival some of today’s most contemporary of poets. Then of course the photography, OH the photography, is just stunning and perfectly tells the story of places like Italy and Croatia. As a fan of Churches myself, I can honestly say you’ve captured the beauty that is often unseen to the casual reader and for that I must thank you. Everything just works, and maybe it’s because I’ve been following the series for a while now but I honestly love every entry that pops up. Maybe you won’t see this or it will fall on deaf ears but know that someone in the tiniest corner of the globe is really enjoying your work.


    PS – I am using the image of the brick road as my wallpaper!

  2. Dear Mickey !
    I hope you come back to read my response to your wonderful, wonderful feedback !!
    It is most amazing to hear, that someone of in capacity of phrasing themselves, like you, should enjoy my words and praise it like that (: You have my deepest thankfulness for your support and feedback -- Keeping updated on a kind-of-regular basis is hard, but hearing that you enjoy the things I do is giving me so much motivation to continue doing so (: Also, I'm very glad you like this whole series cause my aim is always to reflect the beauty I see, so others can partake in being happy about life and the wonders this world bears (:


    PS I shall be happy if you do so (:


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