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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

faceless - part II // opening sept. 27 - MQ vienna

<re-emerging from the vastness of real life>

hello world, 

oh wow, quite late, but yes - finally i'm able to tell you about what's been going on in vienna lately (apart from the design week and the blickfang'13 which i will cover in the next time).

so i've been to the vernissage of
faceless - part II at MuseumsQuartier Vienna on september 27.
having missed the first part of this amazing exhibition i was very keen to at least attend the second part - and for it was open to the public i went there with a good friend of mine - to disappear amidst the crowd of colourful (or just black) art aficionados. 

i really liked the whole atmosphere of the event - it seemed, like people would be really attending the exhibition out of interest rather than just to show off  
(which in my experience is often the case when it comes to events in vienna).
particularly i enjoyed the people who like to give themselves the appearance of an artists like glueing rhinestones over their eyebrows or wearing their hair with undercuts and colourful. it's become somewhat of a uniform but i still like it because it's still a brave thing to dress differently than the majority of people (in vienna).

i gotta admit that i'm very into this artwork featuring the wonderful amy winehouse - it's a very stunning piece because of its surface which allows you to distinguish her face just by shifting your perspective of view - that, to me, is a very wonderful way to play with the direct appeal of a face which is for sure, the strongest visual reflection of the human personality (apart from clothing) -- and again there's this reference to the faceless, the veiling of the obvious in modern times.

 i am so very in love with this piece - the picture of the skull shown in the picture is painted on large scale on canvas - but not in ordinary colours - no, the pigment used is the crushed skull itself - so not only does the artist play with the idea of the face but with death and transcience itself - and to me this has such a poetic value - because a body is just a body without it's content, and empty cup, without its soul. 
and crushing a skull to fragments to form a new object, to me, seems like a very desirable thing.

i can burn your face 

standing in front of this divine headpiece by maiko takeda, for me, was such an emotional experience - which probably might seem a bit weird but actually portrays the impact of fashion and headgear on my life - maiko's collection was a huge inspiration for the conception of my graduate collection because of its lightness, its divine appearance, its transcendent beauty. it's in it's own way, a deity, a waft of air, veiling the head and thoughts. i adore how the delicate strips of plastic out of which this headpiece is formed, move when you blow onto them. 

this photos plus statement were a performance within a performance, a collaboration without agreement, a woman disguising to meet another woman, exposed.

i really can't say how i feel about this.

and their faces would melt as their emotions once had done. 

hello theo mass-lexileictous.
we took your money.
we made pictures with it-
black and white.

in conclusion i can tell you, living in vienna, there's opportunity to see some great art at the MQ, so if you are a crazed out art person with rhinestones on your face or you are just searching for distraction between two beers chilling there - go for it !

xx, alissa cha


  1. This looks like it was so great. You seem like such a wonderfully artistic person. Your writing to accompany the pictures is brilliant and insightful. I really like this post and want to go and put rhinestones on my eyebrows now ahaha :')

    1. wow, how come i haven't discovered this comment before o:
      it was indeed a lovely evening (:
      what a wonderful compliment, thank you, dear ! ♡
      i'm happy that you enjoyed reading what i wrote.
      also, glittery eyebrows are like the best thing !

      btw, your blog looks so amazing ! great work indeed (:


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